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  • Fabulous Red Georgette Kurti

    Fabulous Red Georgette Kurti

    KRCDC1196C INR Rs2160 Buy Now
  • Serene White Chiffon Kurti

    Serene White Chiffon Kurti

    KRCDC1195C INR Rs1755 Buy Now
  • Elegant White Chiffon Kurti

    Elegant White Chiffon Kurti

    KRCDC1191C INR Rs1620 Buy Now
  • Enticing Red Georgette Kurti

    Enticing Red Georgette Kurti

    KRCDC1190C INR Rs1935 Buy Now

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  • Wonderful Pink Printed Kurti

    Wonderful Pink Printed Kurti

    KRCVP143A INR Rs1755 Buy Now
  • Lovely Multicolored Printed Kurti

    Lovely Multicolored Printed Kurti

    KRCVP149A INR Rs1755 Buy Now
  • Captivating Multicolored Digital Printed Kurti

    Captivating Multicolored Digital Printed Kurti

    KRCVP115A INR Rs1755 Buy Now
  • Voguish Digital Printed Kurti

    Voguish Digital Printed Kurti

    KRCVP170A INR Rs1935 Buy Now
  • Magnetic Multicolored Digital Printed Kurti

    Magnetic Multicolored Digital Printed Kurti

    KRCVP165AINR Rs1935Buy Now
  • Abstract Digital Printed Kurti

    Abstract Digital Printed Kurti

    KRCVP175AINR Rs1935Buy Now
  • Eye Catchy Pink Digital Printed Kurti

    Eye Catchy Pink Digital Printed Kurti

    KRCVP156AINR Rs1935Buy Now
  • Peacock Motif Digital Printed Kurti

    Peacock Motif Digital Printed Kurti

    KRKEK8002CINR Rs1980Buy Now
  • Pretty Digital Printed Kurti

    Pretty Digital Printed Kurti

    KRKEK8022CINR Rs1980Buy Now
  • Brown Shaded Digital Printed Georgette Kurti

    Brown Shaded Digital Printed Georgette Kurti

    KRKEK2026AINR Rs1980Buy Now
  • Black Georgette Tunic

    Black Georgette Tunic

    KRBK0605INR Rs3195Buy Now
  • What Our Customers Are Saying

    Kurti Tunic

    Kurtis are a variation of the Kameez of the traditional Kurti. Tunics also known as Kurti are much sought attire among young ladies and college going crowd. A well fitted, rightly cut Tunic can make anyone look beautiful and chic. Cotton Kurtis are usually paired with jeans or skirt. Short and light, Tunics are the prefect dress to combat the sultry summers.

    Readymade Kurti are available in various lengths, colors and fabrics. Available in various styles like long, knee length, corsets, tube tops etc., these are much preferred as Casual Kurti. The dazzling beauty of the intricately done embroidery enhances the Tunics, making it a perfect evening ensemble as well as party wears.

    Tunics are available in Georgette,Cotton, satin etc. The famous embroidery styles like chikankari, Phulkari, meenakari are all employed to design the intricate patterns on the Tunic.

    Tunics from India are always in high demand due to the level of dedication and craftsmanship involved in making a Tunic. The dainty Tunic Dresses make prefect cocktail party wears when matched with trousers or capris. There is a huge availability of Tunics for women at online websites. Pretty Tunics can be selected and bought at these online websites who also sell cheap Kurtis and Tunics. The Tunic online collection is so extensive that one often ends baffled and stunned at the collection.

    The recent trend is to pair the Tunics and Kurtis with a matching legging. Tunics to wear with leggings are often shopped which can be easier if one just buys a tunic at the online websites and match it with a legging. Designer Tunics are a fashion trend to stay in vogue forever.