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  • Pink Net Blouse

    Pink Net Blouse

    BLMKY23 INR Rs2655 Buy Now
  • Black Net Blouse

    Black Net Blouse

    BLMKY22 INR Rs1710 Buy Now
  • Silver Georgette Blouse

    Silver Georgette Blouse

    BLMKY21 INR Rs2790 Buy Now
  • Multicolored Brocade Blouse

    Multicolored Brocade Blouse

    BLMKY20 INR Rs2160 Buy Now
  • Simplistic Beige Blouse

    Simplistic Beige Blouse

    BLMKY19INR Rs1395Buy Now
  • Alluring Beige Blouse

    Alluring Beige Blouse

    BLMKY18INR Rs1845Buy Now
  • Elegant Beige Blouse

    Elegant Beige Blouse

    BLMKY17INR Rs1845Buy Now
  • Black velvet Blouse

    Black velvet Blouse

    BLMKY16INR Rs1710Buy Now
  • Beige Georgette Blouse

    Beige Georgette Blouse

    BLMKY15INR Rs4050Buy Now
  • What Our Customers Are Saying
    • Custom Made Blouse Custom Made Blouse Rated 5/5
      Very wonderful working with Preeti. I liked the blouse she stitched very much
    • Custom Made Blouse Custom Made Blouse Rated 4/5
      Received the blouses! They look great and fit well too - they look exactly like how I wanted them. Thank you so much!
    • Custom Made Blouse Custom Made Blouse Rated 4/5
      Very beautifully stitched exactly per pattern
    • Custom Made Blouse Custom Made Blouse Rated 4/5
      Thanks for the blouse. I have received the blouse and it was very nice. I really thanks for that. Keep it up with the good work. Have a happy new year and I will in touch with you.

    Saree Blouse

    Indian Ethnic wear consist of saree and saree blouse. Blouse is the most important of the saree ensemble and it is always important to wear the right fit, style blouse to enhance the appeal of the garment. Cbazaar offers customized designer blouses which are custom stitched based on your measurements. Also these custom blouses are designed in such a way that they can go with various types of saree designs and colors. Saree blouses are made in different fabrics like brocade blouses, cotton blouses, polycotton blouses etc.

    Readymade blouses are available in the readymade saree blouse section.

    At you can buy saree blouses in different varieties and they can be shipped all over United States, Canada and other parts of the world.