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Salwar Kameez

Confused about how to get a bohemian look without losing the girl-next-door charm? All you have to do is wear a stylish and contemporary salwar kameez. Today, salwar kameez is so widely accepted and used by Indian women that it is hard to believe that it did not originate in India. It was one of the traditional attires worn by men and women in countries of northern south-Asia and central Asia from where it made its way to Pakistan and India.

Salwar kameez (also spelt shalwar kameez or shalwar qameez) is a unisex dress similar in manner to shirt and pants worn by both women and men in the west. The Shalwar or salwar (as pronounced in India) are loose pyjama-like trousers. The legs are wide at the top and narrow at the ankle. A salwar is usually gathered at the hip either with a drawstring or elastic. The kameez is a long shirt or tunic with side seams left open below the waist-line to give the wearer greater freedom of movement. Therefore a Salwar Kameez refers to the three-piece outfit consisting of kameez (tunic), salwar (bottom pant) and a dupatta (wide stole).

In India, it first made its way through the women in the state of Punjab for whom it has remained the traditional outfit for centuries. But today a salwar kameez has gained acceptance as the most widely used Indian garment irrespective of state and region. These days it is popular all over the world due to its simplicity and comfort. Salwar kameez is normally worn with chunni or dupatta.

For most college going girls in India today, a salwar kameez is the obvious garment choice irrespective of class, background, social stature or region. Even the modern saree-loving women love salwar kameez as casual wear and keep sari for special occasions. With the vast choice and variations of salwar kameez available today, it has acquired a very high desirability quotient among women from all walks of life. As an outfit, a salwar kameez not only rates high in terms of comfort and affordability but flatters a woman form with grace and elegance.

Salwar Kameez is also commonly known as salwar suit. At times it is also referred to as a Punjabi Suit. Today salwar kameez come in varied styles, designs and has emerged as a contemporary style statement. Salwar Kameez styles have come of age and come adorned with different styles of embroidery and embellishments. While printed and smart cut salwar kameez are preferred for casual or office wear, the ones with rich embellishments are coveted for special occasions and as party wear. Asian designers have made designer salwar kameez dominate the ethnic clothing scene and by introducing halter necks and off shoulder kameez, they have taken the fashion world by storm.

With the advent of online Shopping websites, it has become very easy for women across the world to easily buy latest Indian salwar kameez. The best thing about buying salwar kameez online is that you can either choose from readymade collections or conveniently get them tailored as per your customized requirements. online salwars give you the option to submit your customized measurements as well as innumerable styling options.

With the kind of salwar kameez designs available today, there is ample scope for women to mix and match and experiment with their looks. And to get a party makeover or bold ethnic look, all you need is a little mix and match and put together a stylish salwar kameez. And yes, be totally prepared to soak all the complements that come your way!!


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