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Get ready to walk in style with our exclusive collection of lehenga style sarees. Choose from variety of colours, designs and fabrics. Go ahead make a mark where ever you go! Reasons that make this outfit the hottest trend nowadays are its flattering silhouette, convenience and contemporary appeal. A regular sari requires pleats to be formed at the waist, whereas in a lehenga style sari the pleats are replaced with ornately embellished panels or godets, adding drama to this drape. It has to be draped just like a sari by tucking into the inskirt. The only difference is, that unlike a sari you dont have to form pleats but simply `tuck and drape'. At times, the design and styling of this outfit also determines the way it should be draped. Although normally it needs to be tucked and draped, few come with side hooks which make your job even simpler. Looks great and saves time too!!