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  • Opulent Grey Terrycot Suit

    Opulent Grey Terrycot Suit

    SUMDC2686 INR Rs11745 Buy Now
  • Bold Black Satin Suit

    Bold Black Satin Suit

    SUMDC2650 INR Rs11745 Buy Now
  • Classic Grey Suit

    Classic Grey Suit

    SUMDC2648 INR Rs10575 Buy Now
  • Magenta Terrycot Suit

    Magenta Terrycot Suit

    SUMDC2638 INR Rs8865 Buy Now
  • Dashing Terrycot Suit

    Dashing Terrycot Suit

    SUMDC2632INR Rs9990Buy Now
  • Pink Terrycot Suit

    Pink Terrycot Suit

    SUMDC2630INR Rs8865Buy Now
  • Grey Terrycot Suit

    Grey Terrycot Suit

    SUMDC2628INR Rs11745Buy Now
  • Black Satin Suit

    Black Satin Suit

    SUMDC2610INR Rs12690Buy Now
  • Black Polyester Jacquard Suit

    Black Polyester Jacquard Suit

    SUMDC2598INR Rs12690Buy Now
  • Debonair Brown Suit

    Debonair Brown Suit

    SUMDC2594INR Rs8865Buy Now
  • Sensational Blue Art Silk Blazer

    Sensational Blue Art Silk Blazer

    SUMFI1090INR Rs9045Buy Now
  • Regal Grey Art Silk Blazer

    Regal Grey Art Silk Blazer

    SUMFI1099INR Rs7875Buy Now
  • Aesthetic Blue Terry Rayon Blazer

    Aesthetic Blue Terry Rayon Blazer

    SUMFI1064INR Rs9225Buy Now
  • Graceful Grey Seude Blazer

    Graceful Grey Seude Blazer

    SUMFI1098INR Rs8640Buy Now
  • Alluring Blue Jacquard Suit

    Alluring Blue Jacquard Suit

    SUMFI1081INR Rs14625Buy Now
  • Torrid Blue Terry Rayon Blazer

    Torrid Blue Terry Rayon Blazer

    SUMFI1051INR Rs6705Buy Now
  • Debonair Grey Terry Rayon Suit

    Debonair Grey Terry Rayon Suit

    SUMFI1040INR Rs9630Buy Now
  • Opulent Maroon Terry Rayon Suit

    Opulent Maroon Terry Rayon Suit

    SUMFI1050INR Rs9630Buy Now
  • Fab Black Terry Rayon Suit

    Fab Black Terry Rayon Suit

    SUMFI1041INR Rs10575Buy Now
  • Stylish Grey Linen Suit

    Stylish Grey Linen Suit

    SUMFI1048INR Rs11745Buy Now
  • Remarkable Beige Jute Blazer

    Remarkable Beige Jute Blazer

    SUMFI1045INR Rs9045Buy Now
  • Majestic Blue Jute Blazer

    Majestic Blue Jute Blazer

    SUMFI1047INR Rs9045Buy Now
  • Charismatic Grey Jute Blazer

    Charismatic Grey Jute Blazer

    SUMFI1046INR Rs9045Buy Now
  • Blissful Black Terry Rayon Mens Suit

    Blissful Black Terry Rayon Mens Suit

    SUMFI1039INR Rs10215Buy Now
  • Pristine Grey Terry Rayon Mens Suit

    Pristine Grey Terry Rayon Mens Suit

    SUMFI1018INR Rs9225Buy Now
  • What Our Customers Are Saying

    Mens Suit

    Long gone are the times, when Indian grooms would stick to ethnic and traditional Indian wear like sherwani, achkan, kurta pyjama or dhoti for their wedding attire. The trend has undergone a sea change over the years. Though the traditional wear still dominates the Indian wedding scene, western men's suit has captured the imagination and taste of Indian men. More and more Indian men across the globe are now opting for designer men's suit as their wedding attire.

    The wearing of suits originated as a style of dress in the 17th century. In the 19th century European men in particular sought a comfortable alternative to the standard bulky attire of the period, and thus the modern suit was born. A man's suit is comprised of a jacket and pair of pants created from a common piece of fabric. Some also have vests made of the same fabric or a waistcoat added to it. These two types of suits are referred to as two-piece and three-piece suits respectively. Often, suits are worn, as is traditional with a collared shirt and necktie. The variations in design, cut, and cloth, such as two- and three- piece, or single- and double- breasted, determine the social and work suitability of the garment.The common fabrics used to create mens suit are polyester, rayon, merino wool, silk, cotton seersucker, worsted wool, gabpardine, and linen.

    Latest Indian Mens Suit

    A suit is no more just a formal wear for today's metro sexual man. It has emerged as a fashion statement and a well tailored suit is quintessentially the first requirement for a modern man's dream wardrobe. With the choices available today in designer men's suit, there are sleek stylish suits that very well cater to the likes of men who love casual clothing. Though suits can be worn with flat fronted, pleated or semi pleated trousers, flat fronted trousers are always more flattering no matter what your size and age.

    In Indian clothing, still the suit is considered more of wedding attire than a casual or dinner wear. There are a lot of considerations that you need to make while buying a suit for the wedding. Apart from the style and cut, other considerations should the type of fabric and the color to go for. While deciding it is advisable to keep in mind the weather conditions that will be prevailing around wedding, the time of wedding (day/night) and the overall theme around which the wedding has been planned.

    Men's suits are referred to as custom tailoring, ready-to-wear or made to measure. Custom men's suits sometimes require months of work to create and are made specifically to the customer's measurements. Ready-to-wear suiting is mass produced and available in department stores and boutiques. Made to measure suits involve the selection of fabric, buttons and style of the men's suit by the customer. These suits are constructed, prior to the initial fitting and then customized to the client's wishes. Online shopping has made buying the designer suit or the wedding suit, a delightful experience for today's men. These sites score over other mediums because of their range of choices, customizing efficiency and timely ability to create versatile suits to match each customers dream.

    Men's suits can be accentuated with ties, braces, handkerchiefs (pocket squares), and ascots. For black-tie occasions, a tuxedo is a type of man's suit that is completed with a white or black bow tie. American, Italian and British suits all vary not only by choice of designer, but with their approach to construction and unique style elements. For the Indian wedding scene, designer men's suits and Indo western suits are the latest trends. Indo western suits blend the western cuts and styles with the unmatched Indian workmanship in a way that men's suit acquires a new level of glamour. This makes these suits appeal to all those who love to attain unmatched sophisticated charm without loosing their ethnic charisma.